About the organizers

This is a conference organized by GASB (the German Association for Synthetic Biology e.V.) in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Barbara Di Ventura


We are proud in hosting this conference as a service for the growing SynBio community in Germany.


About GASB

The German Association for Synthetic Biology (GASB) has set the goal to establish Synthetic Biology as a key discipline and to serve as the association for this young research area in Germany. With the help of Synthetic Biology possible solutions to pestering questions of the 21st century may be discovered. GASB is open to everyone who is interested in Synthetic Biology: from students to professionals, from academic research labs to producing industry, from scientists to humanists.

The vision of GASB is to establish Germany as pioneer in the field of Synthetic Biology at the international level and particularly in Europe. We aim at fostering responsible research and applications in Synthetic Biology as well as the dialogue in a social as well as a political context.

Learn more about GASB here: ga-sb.de