1st – 3rd of September

Welcome to 2021’s German Conference on Synthetic Biology – GCSB. Initially this conference was planned as a physical event. However, due to circumstances we are all too familiar with, the planning committee has decided to move this years conference to the digital space.

1st – 3rd of September








This year’s conference is currently being organized as a double event taking place in Darmstadt (1-3 September 2021) and Munich (13-17 September 2021). Due to circumstances we all know too well the conference has been moved to the digital space. GASB is organizer of the Darmstadt program and the joint study group of GBM, GDCh, DBG and DECHEMA is currently organizing the Munich program.


Find Collaboration Partners

We all know how important teamwork is and the GCSB has always been a great opportunity to find people interested in collaborating.

Discover New Research

The GCSB is a place where knowledge is shared. We curated a great ensemble of speakers that will present their latest research and will be available for Q&A in a subsequent Ask the Speaker-Session.

Just Chat about SynBio

Of course we also provide a great digital way to use the breaks to get to know the other participants, discuss SynBio or just chat.


Metabolic Engineering

Cell Free

Materials & Commodities

Protein Engineering

Plant & Photosynthetic

SynBio Tools

Software, Computation & Automation

Networks & Circuits

SynBio in Space

Biosafety & Biosecurity

“Excellent first day at GASB second Conference! Great speakers, amazing audience, in the wonderful city Berlin! IDT is looking forward to day 2!”

Tom Speedy

Integrated DNA Technologies, Oxford, UK

“We live strange times but GCSB 2020 adapted seamlessly to them for running a memorable meeting. Great program with many new faces and topics, dynamic chairing of the sessions by engaging and enthusiastic discussion leaders and plenty of (virtual) social interactions with a dedicated platform to this end. That we missed physical proximity did not flaw the staging of this impeccable forum. If one measures the outcome of scientific gatherings by the new ideas, technologies and connections that one brings back home, the GASB event was a phenomenal success.”

Victor de Lorenzo

Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, Spain

“Thank you GASB Team and panelists! Inspiring talks, a very dynamic conference organization team, exciting Q&A exchanges: a virtual conference that came very close to the in-person experience.”

Cecilia G. Flocco

Leibniz Institute DSMZ, Germany

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Get In Touch

If you have any questions about the event or want to contribute, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to hear from you.

We are honored to bring this event to you and hope you will enjoy it.

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