Welcome to the German Conference on Synthetic Biology – GCSB 2021.
The conference will take place from the 1st – 3rd of September.
During these days this website will enable you to join the different keynote sessions on Zoom Webinar, as well as our virtual break room on Gather. We are looking forward to great talks and vivid discussions – see you there!

All Keynotes will be held on Zoom using the webinar function. You can pose questions using the Q&A function or meet the speaker on our platform Gather. You should have received the Passcode by mail. 

Join us on Gather in between the sessions and breaks, as well as during the poster sessions. On Gather, you can follow up on the sessions with the keynote speakers, talk live to other participants and discover posters on new research. You should have received the Passcode by mail. Pro-tIp: Use Google Chrome 


We are honored to bring this event to you and hope you will enjoy it.

Events like this would not be possible without your support. If it is within your capabilities consider becoming a sponsor or donate to our cause – building and fostering the SynBio landscape in Germany.